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The following content is reproduced for historical purposes only.  The software is NOT FOR SALE.

Take checks online through the Internet, telephone and fax with no signature needed, no discount fees, no chargebacks, no leases, no expired or overlimit credit cards, and no hassle with the best program available since 1998--Nova Check Mates. Now there's no need to turn away customers who don't have credit cards.

Free Download Check SoftwareDownload your software now and use the full Pro Version absolutely free for a 15 day trial. The Registered version comes with 125 sheets of bank drafts for your ink jet or laser jet printer for a total of 375 perforated checks in sheet form. Cost is normally $20. Questions? Contact us. Privacy concerns? Please see our Privacy Policy.

Accept "Customer Not Present" Checks

Whether you are running a mail or phone order business from a storefront, restaurant or the Internet, accept checks through email, phone or fax. This easy software works with any version of Windows and your printer. No special ink needed. 150 sheets of check paper with 3 checks per sheet are included with your order. Just press a button on your screen, print a check on your printer and deposit to your bank account. No complicated software to learn. Try it for 15 days free.Free Download Check Software

How Check Software Works

On the Internet, NOVA Check Mates Pro 3.0 automagically imports form fields, like names of customers, products, banks, prices and more. This check software also supports recurring payments at intervals you specify so your customers can "Autopay" every month with no work on your part; some charge their customers $5 or more for this "quick pay" service.

Mail or phone orders are made easy with CheckSoftware. No credit card? No problem. With Nova Check Mates customers will pay you by check over the phone or by mail in advance. Just fill out a few lines and go.

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