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No Credit Card Merchant Account? Accept these Credit Cards -- VISA, MasterCard, American Express -- for Your Small Business. Through our partnership with Card Service International, you are able to receive a substantial discount with free upgrades as technology changes.

Three unique and user-friendly credit card payment solutions serve the e-commerce needs of any merchant:

LinkPoint Central allows customers to complete order forms on the merchant's site for totally automated credit card sales. Merchants may also manually enter credit card transactions on a PC through LinkPoint's secure connection to the Internet. LinkPoint Central is the Internet equivalent of a point-of-sale (POS) terminal or PC-based transaction software without the hardware or maintenance expenses. Sales, returns, authorizations and real-time reports are all provided by LinkPoint Central.

LinkPoint HTML is a simple, yet sophisticated product and requires a bit of hands-on work by the merchant to use. It wraps around the merchant's existing Web site, allowing shoppers to select and order products and securely pay for them with a credit card. All the same services provided by the LinkPoint Central are available with the LinkPoint HTML.

LinkPoint API enables software companies, commerce service providers (CSPs), Internet service providers (ISPs) or cyber-wise merchants to add secure sockets layer (SSL) payment capabilities to their products, services or custom storefronts. Additional features, such as tax and shipping calculations and electronic softgood download (ESD), i.e., software, pictures or text, are included.

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