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Special Check Software Pro Features

Nova Check Mates Pro has all the special features listed below. If your volume is very low, or you don't need the more advanced features Check Software offers, then you may be happy with the Regular version. Please note that the free 15 day trial will automatically activate the Pro version so you'll have time to decide.
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  • Save typing -- Directly import form fields from the Internet email programs, such as Netscape and Eudora. Just click one button in the software. Click again to send a customized thank you and a receipt to the customer. Click here for Screenshot.

  • Export data -- from Nova Check Mates Pro to comma delimited ASCII (csv) files.

  • Send email -- One click sends email and your messages are stored for later use.

  • Search, list and print -- All checks received or printed by date for any customer or product.

  • AutoPay -- Easily set up customers for recurring payments, i.e., monthly subscriptions. You can also specify weekly payments and due dates.

  • Print Logos -- Print a bank logo, your own logo and a signature logo on every check if you wish.

  • Batch Processing -- Print selected checks or batches, and with the Pro version, you can also select by payee or payor, and you can choose to export to a file rather.

  • Deposit Summary -- All deposits are calculated for you.

  • Check Endorsements -- Flip the printed checks over and run them through the printer again to stamp a signature or "for deposit only" on the back of each check.

  • Check Discounts -- Pro version customers get 25% off all future check paper orders plus a small shipping charge. The discount is computed automatically once you register the Pro version.

  • More Printing Options -- Print three checks per sheet or just one if you wish to keep the top copy for your bank deposit, the middle for your file cabinet and the bottom for your customer. Note: the receipt is especially designed for a #9 window envelope.

  • Bank File -- A bank database is maintained automatically when you enter a check.

  • Smart Fill-In -- When you enter the routing number of a bank that is already in the database, all bank fields are filled in for you.

  • Payee File -- If you add payees, they will automatically be added to the payee database. The file is used for storing endorsement information for printing on the backs of checks.

  • Business Opportunity -- With the power of Nova Check Mates Pro, you can run a check processing service. What you charge the companies for processing their customers' "quick pay" checks is your business.

  • Context-Sensitive Help -- Right-click on anything for assistance.

  • Quick Case Change -- Accidentally typed in all caps (or the reverse)? Change it by pressing the shift key and click on the field.

  • Multiple Database Views -- Immediately view (but not print) all the checks received from a given customer, or all the checks you received or printed on or between certain dates, or all the checks for a certain product.

  • Online Ordering -- Speedy online registration and ordering of blank check safety paper through the software using your Internet connection. No email program required.

  • Support -- The software is so easy to use, you probably won't need this. However, should you experience a problem (or want to send us kudos) just click on Customer Support and a fully personalized email message is displayed on the screen. Write your message and hit "Send."

  • Product File -- Set up your product database with a product code. Then record the payee's name, the price and a check memo if you wish. When you receive an order, simply enter the code to display all fields.

  • Low Check Prices -- Check paper priced as low as 1 cent per check in large quantities. Idea: Print checks for your personal checking account as well as for deposits.

  • Check Database -- All checks are kept permanently in the database.

  • Specify Checks for Printing -- Double-click on any check on the Browse Checks screen to select or de-select it for printing. Also select batches to print based on date.

  • Fast-Find -- Quickly find any check in the database by names of payee, payor and bank; check date or date printed; routing or account numbers; the product that was purchased; the amount of the check; the payor's customer number or email address.

  • Copy-a-Check -- The copy button will instantly copy a recorded check, and you may have to enter nothing but the check number and the amount.

  • Tab Sort -- Tabs on the Browse screens immediately sort the data being viewed. Then to find a specific record in the file, just start typing. For example, if you click on the amount tab, typing a 1 will immediately position you to the first check. Following that with a zero will take you to the first check; a 5 will take you to the first , etc. Do the same with names, addresses and other fields.


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