IMail Server for Windows NT IMail Server for Windows NT Features
IMail Server for Windows NT is a high performance SMTP POP3 e-mail server geared for today's Internet and corporate intranet email messaging requirements. Now with antispamming controls, IMAP4, and LDAP support, it offers businesses and network administrators an attractive alternative to more complex and higher-priced proprietary products or complicated UNIX based systems. IMail Server remains one of the most robust, scalable, easy to use and administer e-mail servers available today.

IMail Server for Windows NT now includes these additional benefits:

  • Web Messaging allows users access to e-mail accounts from any WWW browser.
  • Mail-to-Fax and Mail-to-Pager allow users to have their mail routed directly to a Fax machine or alphanumeric pager.
  • As an option, Web Messaging with Banner Advertising allows service providers to generate additional revenue by selling online advertising.
  • You may also choose a one year IMail Server for Windows NT Service Agreement including Mail to Pager, Mail to Fax and Web Messaging for either 250 or an unlimited number of users.
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