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Please Complete This Form to Register as a Partner

Completing this form will register you as a Partner in the Partner Program. The product is NOVA Check Mates -- the Internet ready software solution for accepting customer checks online through Web or email order forms for instant printing of bank draft deposits.

Once registered, download one of our banners and add your unique URL to activate the program.

What makes the URL unique is your 5-digit code, which you will create in the form below. It will be used to track your sales and commissions. It will also be used to send you regular updates by email.

Registration Form

Note: Your contact details will remain confidential and we will not disclose them to anyone.

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What is's Partner Program? The Partner Program means you will share in our success by letting the world know about's flagship program, NOVA Check Mates through your Web page.

Earn $20 per sale by becoming a Partner, and help spread the word about the most powerful Web-ready checks online program anywhere. Just display a banner and/or a text link with a positive review on your page that directs interested individuals directly to your site (with your unique ID) at

How Does It Work? Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on our banner, icon or text link, a query string in the CGI code containing your unique Partner ID will be used to record the visitor. You will get an email from us confirming the visit.

If this person places an online order at any time in future, you will be credited with a generous $20 commission on the sale price.

The automated process credits the first Partner who sends the visitor to Furthermore, cookies are not used, so there is no possibility of missing the visit even when someone has cookies turned off. If the same visitor subsequently clicks on a banner at another Partner's page, you will still get the credit.

Example: If a visitor to your site clicks on our banner, discovers NOVA Check Mates, and decides to buy it sometime later, you will earn $20.00. The payment is sent within 30 days.


    • Spam email is not allowed and we ask you not to promote this program via unsolicited email! It really is NOT effective, and won't promote the results that we want.

Accounting? All earned commissions will be sent to you within 30 days after confirmation. You will receive email from us whenever action occurs in your account.

What Do I need to Do? You will need to place one of our advertising banners or icons on your web site with a link back to us. There are no account setup fees, and we will provide you with the banners (selectable from our Partner banner page.) You will provide the 5-digit HTML code to use. Feel free to choose any banner or icon that suits your site's layout. Text links and software reviews are also welcomed.

How Do I Get Started? You will need to create an account by filling in the registration form and choosing a unique 5-digit code. You will immediately receive a confirmation. As soon as you have activated the program by downloading a banner and inserting your html code, it will work. If you need assistance, please email us. It is that simple!

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